1. Lil' Buster Member

    Canada - English
    Je cherche des synonymes pour "à la mode"

    Il me semble que la phrase "à la mode" n'est plus à la mode

    Que pensez-vous?

  2. Benjy

    Benjy Senior Member

    Milton Keynes, UK
    English - English
    qui fait tendance? or just tendance as an adjective..
  3. Nil-the-Frogg

    Nil-the-Frogg Senior Member

    Français (France)
  4. tilt

    tilt Senior Member

    Nord-Isère, France
    French French
    à la mode = à la page = tendance = in

    The last one is becoming outdated, it was popular in the 80's. It's the English word, so it must be said ine, without liking it to a possible preceeding consonant.

    I would say the more current yet is tendance.
    By the way, how would you say that in English?
  5. sokunsuong Member

    In France, we often say:
    C'est fashion.
    I guess so.
  6. Zhorg Senior Member

    à la mode : ça fait un peu vieux mais on le dit toujours...
    on dit aussi
    "in" : c'est "in"

    et dans le sens contraire, on dit souvent
    c'est "has been" : c'est plus du tout à la mode...

  7. Lil' Buster Member

    Canada - English
    Tendence = Trendy

    Merci pour les idées tous le monde...!!
  8. VictaHeri Senior Member

    English (USA)
    C'est chic?
  9. sabbathically

    sabbathically Senior Member

    DeKalb, IL-USA
    What's the difference between "a la mode" and "tres chic"?
    would you say a guy is "tres chic"? Or can a guy dress "a la mode" as well?

    What about in the English context? would it be "chic" the phrase used in the English magazines? (since "a la mode is associated with ice-cream, or not anymore?)
    thank you!
  10. alicea Senior Member

    A la mode is no longer à la mode... We use "tendance, fashion"
    A la mode remains useful in cooking "tripes à la mode de Caen":)

    You can be " tendance " and "chic"
    but not necessarily!

    In that case you are either chic or tendance.


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