À la prochaine

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  1. riah Member

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    I believe à la prochaine is equivalent to the English "See you"? Is its usage just as casual as the English equivalent as well? In other words, is it typical to use à la prochaine at the end of emails or letters to an acquaintance, even if one doesn't intend on literally seeing them again?

    And, if I may ask, what are some other typical French phrases to end emails/letters to casual acquaintances?

  2. DDT

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    The most common of which I can think is "a plus (tard)" ("@ +" is even more casual, almost chat/sms-style)
  3. riah Member

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    Thanks DDT.

    In meaning/usage, there's not much difference between "a plus (tard)" vs. "a la prochaine", is there? They're both essentially equivalent to a casual "see ya" or "later", right?
  4. Quebeca

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    Hi Riah,
    In usage, "à plus" is definitely casual, meanwhile "à la prochaine" and "à plus tard are not that casual. As for the meaning, I may be wrong but I sense that "à plus tard" (see you later) means that these people will see each other sooner than "à la prochaine" (see you next time..)
  5. DDT

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    It depends. It is true that basically "à plus" should only refer to a very short term, yet it has become a casual way to also express "à la prochaine" (in written, casual emails) in a shorter way

  6. DearPrudence

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    IMO, "à la prochaine" may be a bit less informal than "à plus", but I would definitely not recommend it in a business context, emails,...
    I'm not sure shopkeepers would use it with customers they've never seen, while they could use "À bientôt".

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