À toi d'apprendre, ma vieille

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  1. issey1 Senior Member


    I think this is a man saying something to his wife perhaps:

    "A toi d'apprendre ma vieille"

    Does it mean "It's up to you to learn"?
    Is "ma vieille" pejorative?
    Merci en avance.
  2. SwissPete

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    Your translation is good.

    Not necessarily, but it can be. It's not something I would tell my wife or any of my friends.
  3. Philip(pe)

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    Does it not mean here something like: it's your turn to learn something (for a change)... ?
  4. Micia93

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    yes it does, but not necessarily for a change ; it is a little bit derogatory, I feel the supposed guy is somewhat exasperated because his supposed wife doesn't know how to handle a hammer, for instance ;)
  5. issey1 Senior Member

    thanks for the answers guys. Also SwissPete there wasn't a comma there in the first place! Its taken from an Annie Ernaux book and sometimes her punctuation is questionable!

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