À toi qui te sers

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J'ai besoin d'aide. Comment traduisez cette phrase en anglais? Est-ce qu'il y a une mauvaise connotation avec cette phrase? Elle est utilsé par une Publicité pour la lotion.

"À toi qui te sers de ton copain comme chauffe main"

Merci mille fois!!
  • ChampagneBrut

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    Il faut l'intégralité du texte - but without it, the literal translation would be:

    To you, who is using your boyfriend as a hand warmer!

    The ad appears to be humourous but I don't see how hand cream would be beneficial for women with cold hands. It would make more sense if the ad were for gloves/ mittens.

    Kelly B

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    (Perhaps so you don't scratch him up with your calluses?) is there a photo associated with this?

    Language Hound

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    Having looked at the attached ad, I agree with Kelly's reasoning.
    In English I would say:
    To those of you who use your boyfriend as a...,
    the idea being that you don't want to touch him
    with rough, calloused hands but with hands that are
    as soft as a baby's bottom.

    P.S. Welcome to the Forum, MadameZapor!

    EDIT: Another possibility in this case:
    To all of you who use...
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