1. Persepolis

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    I sometimes hear this expression in restaurants (after having eaten, the waiter asks me this question). What does it mean? Do we have an equivalent in English?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. david314

    david314 Senior Member

    Clayton, Missouri
    American English
    I think that it means: How was it?
  3. LeMoineau

    LeMoineau Member

    Jura, Suisse
    Français, Suisse
    The "correct" expression is : "Ca a été ?" But it not a correct French, I guess... It means : "c'est allé ?"

    In English : "Did you enjoy your meal ?"
  4. LARSAY Senior Member

    Hanoi, Vietnam
    You cannot say c'est allé? At the limit, it would be c'est allé bien? but not good French anyway. Litterally, ça été? translates by "it was well?". You could translate by "Everything went well? Was everything allright? (and, in the USA, "Was everything OK?" )
  5. branch4braves New Member

    Simply, "Ca a été ?" is asked by a restaurant server to ask you how your meal went, not simply how it was.

    It's like if I say, "How did your job interview go?" as opposed to "How was your job interview?"

    So, the correct response if the meal was good/great would be, "Oui. Merci bien." (Yes. Thank you kindly.)
    If the meal wasn't that great, you should just say, "Oui", or for the rather brash, "Ummmmm...Ouuiii??" with the most awkward smile on your face that you can muster.

    I hope this helped.
  6. atcheque

    atcheque mod errant (Fr-En, français, čeština)

    Česko (2009)
    français, France

    Ça a été ; Ç’a été ; Cela a été.
  7. branch4braves New Member

    Sorry, but...

    "Ça a été ?" is an informal expression. Nobody in any restaurant will ask you, "Cela a été ?"

    The expression "Ça a été ?" is informal by nature. The word ""Ça" in this case is used informally, and "a été" is just utterly informal. By replacing ""Ça" with "Cela" is therefore pointless, and anyways, "Cela a été ?" is not used in spoken French.
  8. All in One Senior Member

    I agree with branch. In a very stylish restaurant they'll probably ask Comment avez-vous trouvé le repas ? Le repas vous a-t-il plu ? etc. If I were to hear Cela a été ? in a more casual joint, I'd probably think the server is a non-native.
  9. Deslandes Senior Member

    Portuguese - Portugal
    « Ça a été », sounds odd to me... Is this correct French? Do they say it in French?

    I think there are ways to avoid it, such as:


    - Comment c'était, ton déjeuner ?

    I'm going mad with this... Can someone tell me whether my phases are correct or not? « Ça a été », cela me semble de ne pas marcher très bien.
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  10. LART01

    LART01 Senior Member

    La Haye Pays-Bas
    ça a été is very common as already said in this context
    The only thing I can say is that only your second set of sentences is fully correct;)without any comma, though for the question part
  11. brazpitt Senior Member


    Encore une fois, "ça a été" est utilisé très souvent.
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  12. Deslandes Senior Member

    Portuguese - Portugal
    Merci à tous les deux !!

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