Ça m’en a tout l’air

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    I'm translating a Québecois script and there's a line that has me flummoxed. I'm not sure if context will be all that helpful. A pharmacist is busy filling prescriptions for a very popular drug and his assistant says:

    Assistante: Ah ouan? Encore une prescription de Dopaflo?

    Pharmacien: (sévère) Ça m’en a tout l’air.

    I can't make head or tail out of "Ça m’en a tout l’air".
  2. mathiine Senior Member

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    it means : apparently
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  3. SwissPete

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    "That's what it looks like to me".
  4. steviesouris Senior Member

    Thank-you for the replies. I thought it might be something like that but I couldn't parse it grammatically.
  5. bobepine

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    To keep the same tone and register, I'd say Sure looks like it.
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