Ça marche

Robert Schroeder

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Australian English
Ça marche - does that mean something like "It works"?

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  • lilatranslator

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    French/Algerian Arabic
    It all depends on the context. For instance you can say: "Si je ne peux pas venir demain je t'appellerai." . "D'accord. Ça marche" meaning "If I can't come tomorrow, I'll call you." "Okay. Sounds good" ou "Okay. Good enough"
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    Bon, maintenant je fais attention à indiquer le contexte de "ça marche": "j'entraîne mon maître et je prends mon air distingué". ça marche! Elle lève les yeux sur moi..." voilà, jespère que j'ai été assez claire


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    I'm translating a novel where the narrator 'realises' the origin of the French phrase "Ca marche", when walking around the room gives him ideas.

    Does anyone have ideas as to a corresponding English phrase that involves imagery of 'legs' or 'walking' or something to get across the meaning "that works"...

    I was thinking "to gain momentum" but it's not quite right...
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