Ça ne va pas la tête ?!


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In an episode of "fais pas çi, fais pas ça", a woman has just delivered a child in her home. Their neighbours are also present. As things calm down, the husband of the neighbouring family says to his wife:

- ça te donne pas envie d'un petit 5e ?
- ça ne va pas la tête ?

What could "la tête" mean in this context? I went through all 36 meanings of "tête" listed on fr.wiktionary.org and found nothing that makes sense to me. Possibly, tête could refer to the beginning of something, but if the family already has 4 children, they're hardly at the beginning.
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    Are you crazy, or what?! is the set expression that first comes to my mind for this.

    But Oddmania's Are you out of your mind?! also works here.
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    Are you brain dead or what?
    Have you lost your mind?
    Are you out of your head?

    -lots of equivalents, mentioning some problems with the head/brain! the French needs a pause/comma before, la tête ! :)