Én szeretlek téged

Discussion in 'Magyar (Hungarian)' started by NagyKiss, May 30, 2013.

  1. NagyKiss Senior Member

    I was watching this movie and an actress said "Én szeretlek téged".

    Isn't this a redundancy? Does "téged" emphasize something here? Does it make the statement stronger?
  2. tomtombp Senior Member

    Both "én" and "téged" are redundant. There are contexts in which adding "én" is justified though. One is:
    -Engem senki sem szeret. (Nobody loves me)
    -Én szeretlek.
    I can't think of one right now that also requires "téged". That doesn't mean there isn't.
  3. tomtombp Senior Member

    Repeating it to myself for a while, I think you're right. Adding "téged" gives more emphasis.
  4. NagyKiss Senior Member

    To better illustrate the question, here's the scene from the movie.

    Use "a miskolci boniésklájd" as a query on youtube, it's the first 1 hour and 34 minutes video. The scene starts at 9:50.
  5. tomtombp Senior Member

    :cool: Oh, that's a different story. And the best example I've ever seen of why context is so important:thumbsup:
    This is a very very special case. The girl is trying to let the guy know that she loves him by sign language first because she doesn't want to make noise. The guy doesn't understand her so the girl repeats the same saying the meaning of the signs out loud too (although whispering).
    "én" and "téged" is there because of the limited nature of sign language. Without the sign language the girl would simply say: "szeretlek"
  6. NagyKiss Senior Member

    I didn't even notice she was using sign language. Great, thanks!
  7. Akitlosz Senior Member

    "Én szeretlek téged

    Isn't this a redundancy?"

    No. This is the whole sentence.

    "Does "téged" emphasize something here?"


    "Does it make the statement stronger?"


    You do not must to use én and téged, because it is clear without them, but you can, not fault.

    The full sentence is always stronger, but longer.
  8. Zsanna

    Zsanna ModErrata

    Hungarian - Hungary
    I'm sorry but the question of redundancy can only be decided in a context here.
    Until we get that we cannot answer the question properly.
  9. tomtombp Senior Member

    I thought this thread ended with post #6. Please read posts prior to #6.
  10. Zsanna

    Zsanna ModErrata

    Hungarian - Hungary
    It doesn't have to, tom.:D

    My no.8. was strictly an answer to Akitlosz's no.7 (and to everybody else who would like to formulate a question in such a form). You can't just "throw a sentence in the air" and ask whether x word in it is redundant. In itself nothing is and anything can be.:)

    Otherwise, thanks for reminding us that especially new ideas are welcome.

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