à carreaux (motif, pattern)

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  1. Eowynn

    Eowynn Senior Member

    France French
    How would you translate in English : "Une chemisette à carreaux" ?

    - a short-sleeved checked shirt ?
    - a short-sleeved and checked shirt ?

    ... or another answer ??

    Thank you :)

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  2. river Senior Member

    U.S. English
    A short-sleeved checked shirt is correct.
  3. gcsestudent Member

    à carreaux

    Can anyone tell me what this means in french. I've looked in the dictionary and it translates it as 'floor tiles'. Is this correct? If not could anyone kindly let me know?

    Thank you.
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  4. clairet

    clairet Senior Member

    London & Bordeaux
    England & English (UK version)
    Hi, welcome to the forum. The way to get the best answer is to give adequate context and then your own best guess. I imagine you wouldn't be asking us to confirm what a dictionary says unless you had some doubts that what you found fits the context - so please give us the context.
  5. gcsestudent Member

    There is no context. This word is in my gcse vocab list, which is just a list of random words.
  6. Sbonke Senior Member

    France, French

    Un mouchoir à carreaux = a checkered hankerchief
  7. jcareen Member

    Est-ce que quelqu'un sait qu'est-ce que "Chemise à carreaux" veut dire en anglais? Merci. :)
  8. Gutenberg

    Gutenberg Senior Member

    Province de Québec, Canada
    français international
  9. la grive solitaire

    la grive solitaire Senior Member

    United States, English
    It's a plaid shirt, like a lumberjack shirt.
  10. Zarg Senior Member

    English - Canada
    Then is "veste à carreaux hors normes" an outlandishly checkered jacket?

  11. Itisi

    Itisi Senior Member

    Paris/Hastings UK
    English UK/French
    It probably has a very large check pattern.
  12. Dark_girafe New Member

    Hem if you read correctly it's Checked Shirt
  13. SteveD

    SteveD Senior Member

    Braine-l'Alleud, Belgium
    British English
    Googling around, you will find check, checked, checkered and chequered - often more than one of these possibilities on the same page!
  14. John Robin Allen Senior Member

    Priddis, Alberta, Canada
    English - Canada
    How does one translate "un tailleur à carreaux" into English? Is "a plaid suit for women" correct? WR does not translate "plaid" into French as "à carreaux." I asked a French-speaking seamstress and she said "plaid" is correct. Is she right?
    Thanks for any help.
    j.r.a. in Priddis, Alberta
  15. moustic Senior Member

    near Limoges
    British English
    I would have said "checked woman's suit".

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