à cause de / grâce à


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Hi ,I want ot know if 'because of' has the same meaning with ' a cause de ' I mean Can we use it for good reasons ?
Like ' I am the fisrt at class because of you ' ( she is my teacher )
  • Okojo

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    You can nuance it with "grâce à X" instead of "à cause de X". Grâce à is more positive (you thank X), whereas à cause de is more negativie (you blame X).
    I am the first at class because of you/thanks to you -> Je suis le premier de la classe grâce à vous.
    I am the first at class because of you/I blame you -> Je suis le premier de la classe à cause de vous.


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    "because of" can indeed means that the result is negative, so the proper translation since he is First of the class is "grâce à"

    Keith Bradford

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    Both because of and thanks to can be used for good and bad reasons. Obviously, saying I am bottom of the class thanks to you has a strong dose of sarcasm - no thanks are really meant - but it is very common.

    In fact, I suggest you avoid the bald phrase "thanks to you", and replace it with something more explicit such as "thanks to your teaching" or "because of your help".
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