1. micheline3 Senior Member

    comment on dit à ce propos en anglais ?

    Concerning that point...
    In that sense...

  2. Floor Senior Member

    North of France
    French France
    In this connection is one possibility
  3. donques Senior Member

    English England
    Several suggestions:
    As a rider to this
    While were on the subject
    By the way
    As an aside
  4. lorie1 Member

    hello, is the expression " by the way"colloquial or can it be used in a written text?thanks a lot
  5. Uncle Bob Senior Member

    British English
    It is conversational rather than colloquial. In any case that means it is not for written texts.
    Also, I think donques' suggestion "As a rider to this" would only fit if the à propos modified the original point.
  6. vincix

    vincix Senior Member

    Isn't the expression "a ce propos" and not "à ce propos"? Shouldn't the accent be missing there? I've run into it in a book only once (i've begun recently to study French) and I'm not very sure.
  7. Meille Senior Member

    Quebec, Canada
    No, it takes the accent here.

    PS Welcome to the forum!
  8. vincix

    vincix Senior Member


    I've actually had been registered under another user some time ago, but I couldn't remember it and I've just come up with this one :) Anyway, I wasn't too active, but I hope now I'll be, as I am trying quite hard to study French :D
  9. Vascaino New Member

    French - France
    Vincix, you may have seen "A ce propos" at the beginning of a sentence, and we do not put accent in capital letters in French.
  10. TinyAnt Member

    French - France
    donques had provided : "While were on the subject" without the apostrophe in "we're" which should be included there as it stands for the "a" of "are". This might make the translation expression unclear to some Forum users.

    Precision :
    "while we're on the subject, ..." (= "while we are on the subject, ...")
    indeed a manner of saying "à ce propos, ..."

    No criticism meant, just a clarification. :)

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