à chaufferette

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  1. Auri

    Auri Member

    Could you tell me what "à chaufferette" means in this sentence?

    "Ils pourraient, dit une petite septuag
    énaire à chaufferette, vérifier leurs wagons avant de les mettre en service!"

    Thanks a lot :)
  2. Paf le chien

    Paf le chien Senior Member

    France-French (Paris)
    "Une chaufferette" was a tool using ember to keep you (or parts of your body) warm.
  3. Cecily Senior Member

    French- France
    A chaufferette was a sort of heating you put at your feet in order to warm them. You would put water or warm ashes in it. Is it clear? What do you call it in English?
  4. Randisi. Senior Member

    Dalian, China
    American English; USA
    It's a "footwarmer" or a "platewarmer" according to Collins-Robert.

    So perhaps something like: the little seventy-year old woman with the footwarmer...

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