à cheval sur juillet et août


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How could I say in English "mes vacances sont à cheval sur juillet et août"? It means that part of my holiday is in July and part of it is in August.
My holidays are astride July and August?
My holidays overlap July and August?
Thank you for your help
  • bh7

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    I'd say: My holidays are in July and August or in July/August, or more formally: ... start in July and end in August / run from July into August.


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    I have my holidays bridging July and August. ... but there is no good phrase for "à cheval" - bridging/ crossing over/astride are all possible - bh7 has chosen to explain "à cheval" in English so maybe that is the best way out of this problem!;) - it's common in French because the two holidays are fixed by Bastille Day and Assumption - 14 July to 15 August - traditionally the holiday period in summer, bridging across between July and August.

    Kelly B

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    You can use to straddle this way, and the image is the same as in French, but I'm not sure it's a great choice for this sort of context.
    More typical example
    when an employee's leave straddles two cafeteria plan years, a catch-up contribution covering both years could be made on a pre-tax basis
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