à concurrence de 75 %


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I was just wondering what would be the best way to translate this into English..

Context: Le montant subvention sera accordée à concurrence de 75% du montant total de la facture

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    Thanks for that translation..Further to this I have a similar phrase in which à concurrence de is used..

    Le montant de la subvention allouée est de 500 euros à concurrence de 50% du montant de la facture..

    Does this mean that the allowance of 500 euros will be given unless it exceeds 50% of the invoice? :confused:



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    I know this is an old thread, but is it possible to use up to alone?
    For instance, une prise en charge de l'etat a concurrence de 500 euros par mois = state coverage up to 500 euros a month?



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    I'm having trouble with the term "à concurrence de" in the following context. It's for a description of a camera:

    Le xxx est d’ailleurs encore plus rapide grâce à la nouvelle technologie embarquée XXX et peut prendre en rafale jusqu’à 3 images/seconde à concurrence de la capacité de la carte SD.

    Does this mean that it can take images in burst mode at up to 3 images a second depending on the SD card?

    Thanks for any answers!
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