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I am translating a legal contract and am stumped with this sentence:

Le dernier versement sera effectué à concurrence de 80% du montant du budget actualisé au terme du suivi des travaux.

I have translated it as:

The last payment will be made up to a limit of 80% of the updated sum of the budget once the work has been followed up.

It doesn´t seem to make much sense.
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    I think this is:
    The final payment, not to exceed 80% of the updated budget, is to be paid upon completion of follow-up work. (There is surely something better than "follow-up work" but I can't think of it)


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    Is a "suivi des travaux" like a surveyor's report to make sure the job is up to standard?

    Are we talking about building work here?

    If not then would it be something like "an assessment report?".

    Et bien, ou sont les natifs?
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