à condition de

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je suis en train de relire un document et j'ai une question quant à l'expression "à condition de" en anglais.

Voici la phrase:
"They are also ready to share the burden responsibilities of the SSH in condition to have a clear national initiative, to ensure multilevel coordination, to have a serious governmental commitment and to ensure the follow up and evaluation of the project."

Est-ce que "in condition to have" est ok ou est-ce que ce devrait être "on the condition to have" ?

Merci à l'avance.
  • guillaumedemanzac

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    I agree. Or : "on condition of having... of ensuring ... of having ...and of ensuring ...". You could also use a more neutral form without saying who THEY are - because it's not clear in the text who has the initiative or who ensures coordination and who has a commitment (probably the government in this case) and who will ensure the follow-up and evaluation. "On condition that there is ..., and that multilevel coordination is ensured ... and commitment is made by ... and that there is proper follow-up and evaluation of the project." Use of passive is more common in English, especially in officialese.
    guillaume - ps don't agree with burden - is it "share the burden of the responsibilties of the SSH"?
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