à coup de lettres


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Could you please help me to translate the followings phrase in the context below, I am really struggling to understand it.

qu'à coup de lettres recommandées parvenir à une entente

Mais de point de vue personnel, c'est énorme satisfaction de voir des personnes aui ne se regardaient plus ou qui ne se parlaient qu'à coup de lettres recommandées parvenir à une entente.

Thank you so much for your help.
  • Cat'sPaw

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    It means that although they had previously been communicating only by registered mail (a very formal way, with legal implications), because they could no longer communicate serenely, they still managed to reach an agreement

    franc 91

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    to see people who(qui - not aui) were neither looking at each other nor speaking to each other apart from sending registered letters, manage to come to an agreement.
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