à fond dans le déguisement

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  1. lacanuck Senior Member

    I'm having a hard time understanding what this means. Can someone please explain?

    Ils sont à fond dans le déguisement, dans les histoires d'amour. (They are in disguise when it comes to love??)
    Context: The person was saying how different the sense of humour was in Asia compared to in France.

  2. snarkhunter

    snarkhunter Senior Member

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    This means more they are really fond of disguise and love stories.
    Whatever that actually means will remain up to you - not much context here.
  3. lacanuck Senior Member

    Thank you, snarkhunter!
  4. Chris' Spokesperson Senior Member

    English - Ireland
    The meaning snarkhunter gives is correct, but the register is wrong: it would be more like "They're really into costumes and love stories."
  5. lacanuck Senior Member

    That makes more sense. Thanks, CS.

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