à la carte Étudiant

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  1. Larissa2000 Senior Member

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    I don't understand what "à la carte Etudiant" means below.

    Offre reservée aux étudiants majeurs ayant souscrit l'offre LCL à la carte Etudiant et sur présentation de la carte d'étudiant.


    Can anyone explain?

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  2. briceUK New Member

    It is their name for a particular offer dedicated to students.
    you should understant that it is an offer which is "à la carte" for student. Once again it is THEIR title, but it should mean this offer is tunable (à la carte).
  3. Salvatos Senior Member

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    It's an à la carte (customizable) Student plan.
  4. Larissa2000 Senior Member

    English USA
    I see! Thanks.

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