à la carte agreement

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  1. Babel Citizen New Member

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    Dear all,
    How would you translate into French "à la carte agreement"?
    Being myself both a lawyer and a translator, I do not think that "accord/contrat à la carte" sounds very French. I would instead use "contrat sur mesure" ou "contrat spécifique".
    I would be grateful to receive your thoughts.
    Thanks in advance,
    Babel Citizen
  2. jetset

    jetset Senior Member

    Convention négociée ?
  3. NausicaaElec Senior Member

    near Grenoble
    français - France
    hi :)

    "contrat sur mesure" seems to keep the idea. (even if it gives the opposite point of view maybe: "à la carte">the other choose between my options ; "sur mesure" > I modify my options according to the other habits/conditions... ;))

    Jetset's idea is good also, but I think to say "convention négociée sur tous les points"/"convention négociable sur tous les points" brings more the idea of "à la carte" (depending on whether the contract is already signed or not)
  4. Babel Citizen New Member

    Portuguese - French
    Many thanks ! Within the context, "contrat sur mesure" fitted better. But as I always do, I provided the client with the other options. :)

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