à la chinoise


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How would you translate "à la chinoise"? I've seen it translated as "in a bizarre way" - is that correct? Can it mean different things in different contexts? Any examples would be really helpful.
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    So "à la chinoise" would be "chinese style", but without additionnal context...
    (my only contexts are noodle cooking, or clothing, or working)

    And of course:
    You've just entered a whole new dimension.
    Another exemple I came across with the word chinese is "cérémonial chinois". It refers to a very complicated process.
    But I agree with Xpiditif à la chinoise is Chinese style.

    Cheers and peace up
    Thanks, both of you. I should have explained that I believe it also has an idiomatic meaning that's different from "Chinese style". I'm thinking of Jean-Luc Godard's film La Chinoise, ou plutôt à la chinoise. "In a bizarre way" makes some sense here, I just wondered if anyone else had come across the phrase used idiomatically.