à la fois aimée et redoutée

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    I'm looking for the exact translation of this expression 'à la fois appréciée et redoutée' in this sentence :
    'A la fois appréciée et redoutée (ses papiers ont déjà provoqué des remue-ménages chez les créateurs et maisons de couture!), il est sûr que Suzy reste avant tout une passionnée de la mode, ne ratant jamais aucun défilé ! '

    Here's my first translation but i'm not quite sure it's correct :
    'The lady is both liked and dreaded as her papers already provoked commotions in the world of fashion. However, there is no doubt that Suzy remains first and foremost a fashion pasionaria that never misses a show ! '

    Thanks a lot for your suggestions !
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    The lady is both loved and feared, as her articles have already caused commotion (or provoked controversy) in the fashion world. However, there is no doubt that Suzy remains, first and foremost, a fashionista who never misses a show!
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    I agree whole-heartedly with loved and feared. Very Machiavellian.

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