à la fois dans le temps et dans l'espace


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hey I was wondering what à la fois dans le temps et dans l'espace means? Im totally confused and think it would reveal alot more about my translation!! thanks
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    did you try the wordref dictionary? the search button is at the top of the page.

    in the definitions for "fois" you will find an expression with "à la fois" - which will help you to figure out that this means "(both) at once" or "(ex. two) at a time" or "at the same time".

    you can look up "temps" and "espace" and "dans" as well....

    and then you put it all together.... :)



    Came across this thread as I was wondering if my sentence was correct: I want to say that the value of society changes depending on the time/era and where you are in the world. Does the following phrase convey this correctly? Is this the correct use of dans le temps et dans l'espace?

    Son contenu depende largement de l'appartenance de l'acteur à tel ou tel systeme de valeurs, et des moeurs de la société, qui changent dans le temps et dans l'espace.

    (hope Im not breaking any posting rules with this kind of question? eek! :)

    Merci a tous!
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