à la limite/à la rigueur

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  1. DearPrudence

    DearPrudence Dépêche Mod (AL mod)

    French (lower Normandy)
    Salut tout le monde

    My last question for the road.
    How do you translate:
    'on ne peut pas dire "bla bla bla" mais à la limite/à la rigueur on pourrait dire "patati patata'''?
    Yet I already suspect there's no translation.
    Other example: 'à la limite, si on veut être poli on peut dire ...': if you REALLY want to be polite you can say ...'

    Thanks again :)
  2. Benjy

    Benjy Senior Member

    Milton Keynes, UK
    English - English
    at a push sometimes works. but i guess it closer to "s'il le faut"

    good luck with finding a good translation. i have to stop myself from saying à la limite all the time :( i am sure there is something in english.. it's just a case of making the connection.
  3. edwingill Senior Member

    England English
    à la limite depending on context at a pinch or almost. à la rigueur also at a pinch
  4. DearPrudence

    DearPrudence Dépêche Mod (AL mod)

    French (lower Normandy)
    Oh, sorry, I forgot; my dictionary said: 'at a pinch'. Does it work?

    (and in English I keep on saying 'actually'. Non, je sais, ça n'a rien à voir. Mais je compatis ;) )

    Edit: so my dictionary is sometimes right. :) Thanks Edwingill
  5. charlie2 Senior Member

    My suggestions:
    1st example: We cannot say ... but possibly (or if we have to) we could say ...
    2nd example: Ultimately if you want to be polite, you can say...
  6. pieanne

    pieanne Senior Member

    Nice Hinterland
    Or "at the worst", in some cases?
  7. Legorille83

    Legorille83 Senior Member

    "bla bla bla" ultimately though we could say "patati patata'''?
  8. eonblu17 New Member

    Austin, TX
    English (US)
    ultimately, at worst, in a pinch, or...

    Not sure if I'd use this for à la limite/à la rigueur in general, but in the context of this sentence I find myself wanting to say "We can't say 'bla bla blah' but if nothing else we could say patati patata"
  9. Lucky19 Senior Member

    Français de France
    as a last resort ? en dernier recours ?
  10. ShineLikeStars Senior Member

    English - Canada
    You can't say bla bla bla, but at the most, you could say patati patata ?
  11. Itisi

    Itisi Senior Member

    Paris/Hastings UK
    English UK/French
    but you just could say...
  12. Jean-Michel Carrère Senior Member

    French from France
    à la limite, on pourra toujours se procurer des billets au stade le jour-même : if the worst comes to the worst, we will still be able to get tickets at the stadium on the day

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