à la mode de la ville

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    I'm translating a text about a period where a lot of painters boarded in a house near Pont-Aven, and it is describing the dining room in the house. The problem is that I don't really know what "à la mode de la ville" means here. Does it mean boarders/people staying in the house who were members of high society/ part of the jetset of the time? Can anyone throw light on this?

    « De l’autre côté de l’entrée et de l’escalier, la salle à manger faisait pendant à celle du débit et était réservée aux consommateurs élégants et aux pensionnaires « à la mode de la ville » […] »
    Henri Motheré, Souvenir sur l’école de Pont-Aven recopié par M. Chassé, 1946

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    Hi :D

    It actually means "the dining room was reserved to elegant customer and residents {who had manners of the city inhabitants}".

    " pensionnaires « à la mode de la ville » " then means the same thing as elegant but it's the elegance, the class of city inhabitants. In France, especially in 1946, there was two kinds of people: people from the country, without manners, a little boorish, and the rich people from the city. The sentence means that this house only accepted residents who had these manners. :)
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    Ok, thanks! It's quite wordy, I must play around with it to find something clear but sufficiently succinct to work!
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