/ à la réalité du terrain

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    I'm translating a questionnaire containing feedback on sat navs. There is very little context! Just stand-alone phrases. The phrase I would appreciate any help with is:

    "ont environ 1 an de retard / ala réalité du terrain"

    My attempt:

    "approximately 1 year late / in reality on the ground"

    I think the two parts of the sentence are unrelated and just different points that the author wants to make, but happy to hear alternative theories... It's the second part, "à la réalité du terrain" that I'm struggling with - I'm not sure how it relates to feedback on satnavs.

    Grateful for any pointers!

    Many thanks.
  2. Michelvar

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    the "/" means "par rapport à".

    "approximately 1 year late in relation to (or compared with) on-the-ground reality"
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    Thank you so much - that makes perfect sense! And there I was just ignoring the "/", when it was so crucial to the meaning!

    Thanks again - really helpful.

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