à la vie, à la mort, à la folie


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Newbie here, hope you guys are free to help!

Been meaning to get a tattoo for quite some time and this time I'm going to follow it through and get inked proper!
For some reason I've found that the phrase
à la vie, à la mort to be quite charming.
Some translations have defined it as to mean: for better, for worse; whereas some have defined it as: To life, to death.
Which is something I find more befitting of what I want to put across.
In this case, which would actually be the correct translation? Or are both meanings actually correct?

In addition to that, I was thinking of adding on another phrase to it; à la folie, (which supposedly means to madness right?)
so that the whole phrase now looks like this:
à la vie, à la mort, à la folie.
To life, to death, to madness.

Does that sound correct to you guys?
Because I've seen waaaaay too many horrifically mistranslated tattoos done by quite a few clueless people in my native language(chinese) and I don't wish to become one of those people.
Your guidance would be really much appreciated!
  • taintedsu

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    Oh wow!
    How morbidly beautiful!
    So in other words it's more like a love promise?
    Hmmm for me when I first saw the phrase what I saw in my imagination was more like an ode or a somber toast *holds up glass of wine*
    To Life! To Death! To Madness!
    *sips wine*