1. Mrs_Dumbledore New Member

    Je voudrais savoir comment traduire 'à l'arme blanche'.
    C'est-à-dire avec un couteau?
    (Il comparaissait libre pour avoir agressé son épouse à l'arme blanche.)
  2. MPC16 Senior Member


    Yes "arme blanche" is for all weapons with blades, so knives!
  3. Black Widow

    Black Widow Senior Member


    I'm not sure but I think it's something like that: "cold steel"
  4. Muniam Senior Member

    Québec (Francais)

    "A "white weapon" ("arme blanche" in French; similar terms exist in other languages) is any weapon using the human or mechanical force, rather than the energy of an explosion, to cut (knife, sword, scythe), pierce (arrow, spear), or break (club, nunchaku, brass knuckles). They can be made of rock, wood, or metal. These weapons are generally used in close combat and have existed for millenia but the definition is relatively recent. "

    This is taken from the other thread "arme blance" and I agree with it.

    I think "melee weapon" is the best I can come up with (for now) ... (yes I'm excluding the bow, sling, and what not from there)
  5. edwingill Senior Member

    England English
    "arme blanche" ="weapon with a blade"
  6. Muniam Senior Member

    Québec (Francais)
    The problem lies there, "arme blanche" can be any other weapon without a blade.

    Now a day it is mostly bladed weapons, simply because hardly no one carries around a mace or a 6 foot polearm...
  7. NeCliquePasSurMoi Member

    London UK
    English - London UK
    wordreference says weapon with a blade

    otherwise my Collins dictionary says ''se battre á l'arme blanche'' means to fight with blades

    pas sympa...
  8. Muniam Senior Member

    Québec (Francais)
  9. NeCliquePasSurMoi Member

    London UK
    English - London UK
  10. Muniam Senior Member

    Québec (Francais)
    Cold weapon... What do you know!

    I've learn something new !
  11. NeCliquePasSurMoi Member

    London UK
    English - London UK

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