1. saimon1969 Senior Member

    Bonjour !

    Pourriez-vous m'aider à traduire en anglais l'expression "à l'avance" ? Voici le contexte :

    "Le client sera tenu de verser 75% du montant pour toute annulation survenue 48 heures à l'avance"

    Merci !
  2. titekrolyn

    titekrolyn Member

    Lille, France
    in advance / beforehand
    Ou il y a aussi : "prévenir qn 2 heures à l'avance = to give sb 2 hours' notice".
    That should do.
  3. saimon1969 Senior Member

    Merci bien, titekrolyn !
  4. Transit76 Banned

    What about "with advance notice"?
  5. Transfer_02 Senior Member

    Espoo, Finland
    English - British
    I don't think the French is so clear...

    I guess it means that the customer has to pay 75% of the amount if he fails to give more than 48h notice of a cancellation. In other words, if he makes a cancellation with less than 48 hours notice.

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