à l'entrée de (prestation sociale)

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    I'm struggling with this sentence:
    Cela montre que ces derniers ne profitent ni n'abusent du systeme de soins, ce qui va à l'encontre des arguments justifiant une participation financière forfaitaire à l'entrée du dispositif AME

    This shows that the latter neither take advantage of, nor abuse, the healthcare system, which goes against the arguments which justify a standard contribution (??) when starting to claim state medical aid (AME).

    I'm really not sure on this sentence! Any help appreciated!
  2. Michelvar

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    AME is free state medical aid. There is currently a project by French government : foreigners will have to pay 15€/year to be allowed to get AME.

    Participation forfaitaire = fixed / flat rate / lump fee
    à l'entrée = to be allowed to enter the AME system
  3. mh595 Member

    Hi! Thanks, that helps a lot with "participation forfaitaire". I'm still a little confused with "à l'entrée de" though, because it is not a verb, so it can't mean "to be allowed to enter". I just wondered if there was an English word that we use to mean "when you start receiving a benefit", instead of "at the entrance to AME", which doesn't make sense in English!

    Thanks! :)
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    I understand the same as Michelvar : "to access"

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