à partir de là

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  1. beri Senior Member

    I wonder how to express that consecutive locution in English. It's not very formal and means more or less "given this" or "considering this"
    One example:
    "Il ne s'est pas excusé pour ce qu'il m'a fait. A partir de là, je considère que notre amitié est finie."
  2. DDT

    DDT Senior Member

    Paris, France
    Italy - Italian
    "He didn't apologize for what he did to me. "From this/that moment on our friendship is over"

  3. beri Senior Member

    are you sure "from that moment" is not just temporal?
    I'm looking for an equivalent to express a consequence
  4. DDT

    DDT Senior Member

    Paris, France
    Italy - Italian
    It just sounds me better than "So that" or "Therefore", which are different possibilities to express it ;)

  5. semiller Senior Member

    DFW, Texas
    Yes, "from that moment on" is a good translation of "à partir de là" considering the example you provided.
  6. ob1

    ob1 Senior Member

    Colombes, France
    France, French
    And "from this point" ?

  7. french4beth

    french4beth Senior Member

    Not a literal translation, but how about, "After what happened,..."
  8. stephlittle Senior Member

    English, USA
    How about, "So from now on, I consider our friendship over"?
  9. djimax New Member

    french and english
    D' abord tu as deux phrases, and these phrases are called in english ''compound sentences'' so you must use a conjunctive adverbs to make one and only one phrase , tu dois relier tes 2 phrases afin d obtenir une seule phrase, so in order to obtain that you must a conjunctive adverbs , the best one would be '' in results'' because as a consequence of what your friend did , your friendship with him is over , as everybody knows about the ''cause/consequence''. and i think the best one would be '' he didn't apologise for what he did to me;in results, our friendship is over. we must also use a semicolon before a conjunctive adverbs, so now i put together the two sentences and make one in final. in conclusion , it always depends on the sentence to translate something. i hope my answer satifies your question .
  10. bloomiegirl

    bloomiegirl Senior Member

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    US English
    Perhaps "as a result"? But I think "So from now on..." is even better.

    Welcome to the forum, djimax! :D
    That said, maybe I don't get out enough, but I've never heard "in results" used in this context.
  11. djimax New Member

    french and english
    hi bloomiegirl.
    perhaps you should review your english grammar cause ''in results'' can be used in this context. you should review the ''compound sentences'' and the '' conjunctive adverbs''.
  12. sound shift

    sound shift Senior Member

    Derby (central England)
    English - England
    I like stephlittle's suggestion.
  13. djimax New Member

    french and english
    let me rectify a mistake i have made , i wrote '' in results'' but it is '' as a results'' because this would suit in this context.
  14. Kewuzâbe Leila Brumier Member

    thank you for your help, it is ok and suits in the context

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