à partir de l'imperfection


This is a theological text I am translating from french to english:

L’homme doit retrouver le chemin de la perfection à partir de l’imperfection.

Man must get back on the path of perfection starting from/by imperfection.

The best I found for à partir de , starting from or starting by, is not accurate enough. I am trying to conserve the form and style of the french author as best as I can up to sentence structure.
I figured out this reshaping of the sentence as a final attempt :
"It is through imperfection that man must find the path of perfection once again"

I am all ears (eyes, rather) to a closer form to the original text!

Thanks in advance
  • Hiérosam

    Garoubert, Indeed that is the meaning! but It is important in this work for us to conserve the style and wording to a high degree..

    moustic, that would be assuming that it is a state specific to man, which is not mentioned. We are also talking about the living environment of man.

    The Newt, starting point might just be the meaning of à partir de here! ill se with my working mate!