à plus ou moins grande échelle


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Does anybody knows how to say "à plus ou moins grande echelle" in english?

i'd try, virtually, "at more or less a big scale"...

What are your thoughts?
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    :) Welcome to the forum, guillaumeferron.

    More context would help. Do you have a full sentence, as well as the sentences preceding and following?


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    Hello, sorry for that.

    So the sentence actually is :

    « There is an Empire on my shoulders, and I am the Emperor. Peoples count on me, at more or less scale», he says

    thanks for your help

    Kat LaQ

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    - "...to a greater or lesser degree"
    - "...some more than others"
    - "...some a little, some a lot"

    Oops - let me correct that! I think he means to say : people count on me, usually a lot/quite a bit/to a rather large extent/not just for the little things/and pretty seriously.
    Does that make more sense in the context?
    I think the "plus ou moins" is a little ironic, as I think people generally expect great things from an Emperor. and are often disappointed :).
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    Wait, so do you want the translation of "à plus ou moins grande échelle" to English from French? Or did you want the sentence you posted afterwards in English, translated to French?

    Assuming the second sentence you posted is your attempt at translation, i would propose:

    "... whether only slightly, or to a large degree."
    "... some for little and some for much."
    "... whether for little or for much."
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