à ras-bord [raz-bord]


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I'm uncertain of this phrase, which appears in a document describing the tense atmosphere of a protest/riot:
"Vision étonnante dans cette atmosphère chargée à raz-bord de haine étouffante ..."

My attempt:
"A surprising sight in this atmosphere loaded [to the limit?] with stifling hatred..."

Is that accurate, or is there a more specific idiomatic meaning?

Merci en avance!
  • la grive solitaire

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    à ras-bord (or ras le bol) means to be filled to the very top, like a glass of water that one more drop would make overflow. Perhaps you could say: overflowing with stifled hatred / resentment?


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    What would the translation be for "ton vase rempli à raz-bord"

    Does "raz-bord" still mean "overflowing"?
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