à s'y méprendre


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à s'y méprendre

What would it translate as?

Thank you in advance

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  • JeanDeSponde

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    Se méprendre is to be mistaken (exactly the same etymology).
    A s'y méprendre means literally that you could be mistaken by sthg; hence something like hard to tell apart, I guess.
    Shakespeare et Molière se ressemblent, c'est à s'y méprendre !
    Jane Austen and Celine are so similar, it's hard to tell them apart!
    (OK, not a valid example)


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    This expression needs some context.
    Example : "Ils se ressemblent à s'y méprendre" -> "They are so alike that you can't tell who's who" (or which is which)
    Hope it helps!


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    Right - the only meaning I can think of about "à s'y méprendre" is when talking about a strong likeness, real or figurative. Not used for other kinds of possible mistakes.


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    I give up. I gave my best rifling through whatever to find out what it means, but I still don't quite get it. So I'm kindly asking you to make it explicit so no one else should not need looking elsewhere.

    What dea it mean?

    Here is the sentence:

    "...ressemblaient à s'y méprendre aux étoiles qui brillaient au-dessus de nos têtes"

    Thank you!


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    car la ville, et les Alliages, et les temples, et les collines portaient ineffaçable la marque ancienne, et ressemblaient toujours, ressemblaient à s'y méprendre, à quelque vieille estampe du temps des vieux Shogouns, à quelque kakémono minutieux, où le pinceau d'un artiste mort depuis plusieurs siècles aurait éternisé les merveilles d'une capitale des Hôjô ou des Asliikaga... what is the meaning of.... ressemblaient toujours,ressemblaient à s'y méprendre, à quelque


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    You should just see it as a set expression, "ressemble à s'y méprendre à" = " could be easily mistaken for ".

    If you want to understand the structure :
    -ressemble à s'y méprendre = ressemble tellement qu'on pourrait s'y tromper = ressemble tellement que cette ressemblance pourrait nous tromper : "y" stand for "cette ressemblance".


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    I'm writing an article about copyrights. What do you think about this translation? I'm not sure at all of the end.

    (FR) Imaginez que vous soyez en boite de nuit et que vous entendiez un titre qui ressemble à s'y méprendre au votre
    (EN) Imagine you are into a nightclub and you hear a track that sounds like yours so that it can be mistaken

    Thank you in advance!



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    Hello Clément!
    Voici ma suggestion : ... that sounds so much like yours that you can't tell them apart/you can't tell which is which
    J'espère que ça peut t'aider. Mais dans le doute, attendons qu'un native passe par là

    Kelly B

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    Welcome to the forum, Clément,
    I like WestFevalia's suggestions; I do think some extra words are required for clarity in English. You could also finish it with ... that one could be mistaken for the other.
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