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Hi all,

Doing a translation re: rescission of a contract because of loss (on a house purchase) and I'm getting a bit stuck here. If anybody can suggest a better translation, I'm all ears!

[Monsieur X] se trouve fondé
à solliciter du tribunal qu'il ordonne avant dire droit la désignation de "trois experts, qui seront tenus de dresser un seul procès-verbal commun, et de ne former qu'un

avis à la pluralité des voix"et de renvoyer son affaire à telle audience de mise en état dans l'attente du dépôt du rapport

My attempt:
"[Mr. X] has grounds to request that the court order, under advisement, the designation of "three experts who are obliged to make a single joint memorandum, and to give but a single opinion by a plurality of votes", and to forward his case to a hearing for the preparation of the trial while awaiting the delivery of the report."

Any help would be much appreciated...

  • Keith Bradford

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    I think you have the gist of the French there, though I don't see why une audience would be needed to prepare for a trial, since une audience is in itself a trial (usually). Translating it as hearing seems the best solution. Perhaps the word preliminary could be useful somewhere?


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    Ainsi, entre l'Assignation et la date de la plaidoirie, se déroulent plusieurs audiences de procédure, dites « audiences de mise en état », au cours desquelles le Juge de la mise en état, vérifie l'état d'avancement de la procédure, et règle, si cela s'avère nécéssaire, diverses difficultés au cours d'audiences intermédiaires dites "audiences d'incident".

    There is no trial in fact in an amicable divorce. The hearing is for the exchange of written submissions and helps the judge prepare for a ruling on any settlement.
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