à type de pesanteur


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Hi all -

I am translating a medical report on a patient with multiple renal and cardiac conditions.

Here's the doctor's remark:
Apparition ce jour vers 10 h de palpitations précédées de douleur épigastrique à type de pesanteur.

My attempt:
Appeared today at about 10 pm. because of palpitations preceded by _________________ epigastric pain.

I would greatly appreciate any help on this!

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    I am not 100% positive what the exact translation of à type de pesanteur is
    so I will not suggest anything since medical translations are often literally
    a matter of life or death. I hope for your sake and the patient's that there
    is a competent medical professional in the forum who can provide your answer.

    Please note that the doctor did not appear at 10:00 a.m.; the palpitations did.
    It may help you to read it instead as: Ce jour vers 10 h: Apparition de palpitations...


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    I wish I had direct contact with the client but I don't... The document is a couple of months old so thank goodness there is no life/death issue here. :)

    In re 10 am (vs pm) - Thanks!!! A typo on my part.

    I read "Apparition ce jour vers 10 h..." as it was the patient who showed up at 10am..."

    My confusion is made worse by the preposition "de" here. Since the patient had these symptoms I thought "because of" or "with."

    à type de pesanteur - feeling/symptoms of fullness makes sense!!!

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