à vendre, pour cause de récession

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  1. mscassetta New Member


    I'm trying to translate this phrase:

    "A vendre, pour cause de récession"

    The other forum posts site "pour cause" as "for good reason," but I don't see how this fits in with the rest of the phrase... "For sale, for good reason of the recession?..."

  2. pmqs

    pmqs Senior Member

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    Isn't it 'For sale, due to the recession' then?
  3. mscassetta New Member

    that's what I had initially put, but then I second guessed myself because of the overwhelming translation for "pour cause" as "for good reason"

    so you think "because of the recession," or "due to the recession," is fine then?
  4. steppingstone Member

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    Depending on context, e.g. in the case of a headline or title on an advertisement, you might say "Recession forces sale".
  5. pmqs

    pmqs Senior Member

    Portsmouth, England
    English - South
    pour cause meaning 'for good reason' would be when its left at that, but here there is more in the sentence.

  6. mscassetta New Member

    thank you for your help

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