área de mayor influencia

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  1. cacahuatita Senior Member

    norte de México
    español (MX) / English (US)
    i'm actually writting a comparative essay, on islamism and catholicism. But i'm stoked due to this frase "area de mayor influencia" the problem with it is that I don't know neither how to translate it nor how to put in in other words.

    Could you help me? :eek:

    I want to say
    "el area de mayor influencia del Islamismo es....the Middle East" I have the part after it :p but not the important thing in here :eek:

    thanks forward!!
  2. Hello Cacahuatita,

    I'm not a Spanish speaker but I'll have a guess at -

    The area most influenced by Islam is the Middle East.

    La Reine V
  3. cocoana New Member

    USA, English
    In English the religion is called "Islam" and the correct word for the followers of this religion is "Muslims" (although some people mistakingly call the followers of this religion "Islamics"). As an adjective either "Islamic" or "Muslim" can be used-- as in "Islamic architecture").

    To answer your question... I'm not sure if I understand the full context of the sentence, but perhaps are you saying:

    Islam has had a great impact on the Middle East


    Islam has strongly influenced Middle Eastern culture.

    I hope that helps!
  4. cacahuatita Senior Member

    norte de México
    español (MX) / English (US)
    thanks for your help :D i liked la reine victoria's suggestion, it sounds more like me, you know I have to be carefulous, my techer could think i'm plagiarizing stuff but I'm just asking for some little help

    again thank you!!

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