áreas corticales implicadas en la lectura

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    Hello, I need to translate this to english "Existen tres áreas corticales, dos posteriores y una anterior implicadas en la lectura. Un área ventral, la región occipito-temporal izquierda; otra dorsal en la región temporo-parietal izquierda. El área anterior la constituye el giro frontal inferior izquierdo, alrededor del área de Broca". I know it's a lot, help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Mexico City, Spanish
    I'm wondering if it even makes sense in Spanish
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    Mexico City, Spanish
    What do you think of this: "It has been demonstrated through studies of cerebral injury and with neuroimages that there are three cortical areas involved in the reading process, two posterior and one frontal. A ventral region, the lower left occipital temporal region, and another dorsal in the left temporal parietal region. In the frontal region it is constituted by the left frontal inferior gyral region surrounding the Broca area." Or should I translate "region" as "lobe", is it the same thing?

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