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    What is an 'amen parade'? It seems to be a fascinating initiation ceremony for first schoolers with a hymn they say/sing in what seems to be Ottoman Turkish & is in many parts beyond my linguistic abilities. Who wrote 'Yâ İlahî başlayalım ism-i Bismillâh ile' which is chanted(?) by the children? I know that the beautiful 'Şol cennet'in ırmakları' was penned by Yunus Emre but I can't find an English translation of either, but the words of the latter which I can either translate from, or hear in, Turkish bear all the hallmarks of the Sufis, drunk, so to say, with the Divine Beauty.
    How does an Ottoman religious parade fit into the ethos of a secular Turkey? I ask this in a spirit of understanding & not of Western liberal protestation.
    I hope this isn't a cultural question but there is so much linguistic content I thought was more suited to a word forum. What is şol from? Is it the imperative of şolmak=dry up/ pine away or is it Ottoman for şu?
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    Amin Alayı can be translated as "prayer ceremony" which parents and adults pray God for new beginners' accomplishment and prosperity and as whole chanting "Amin!=Amen!). Not all ; but many of these rituals are still surviving today amongst the majority of the people.

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    Thanks for the reply, shafaq. I love the poem by Yunus Emre so much that I have bought a volume of his selected poetry on Kindle. The Sufis have always provided me with some of my favourite reading & now to be able to read in a Turkish bilingual the poems of so eminent a mystic holds me enthralled in wonder & love for God. The prayer ceremony is an interesting way to begin a child's education. I love the photos at this website:-

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