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    Pode ajudarme a traducir la frase siguente por favor:

    A marca nunca deve ser reduzida a um proporcao inferior a 2,5 centimetros do angulo de visao do espectador.

    The logo must never be reduced to a proportions smaller than 2.5cm across the width/horizontally?
  2. Vanda

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    espectador - =viewer. So from the pbserver's viewpoint, from his perspective. This is the idea. Now for the translation I'll let to someone else. :)
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    Probably it means "not to be proportionally smaller than one inch across when viewed [at arm's lenght] or [at regular viewing distance]"

    It depends on which media the visual programming manual is intended to: if print, the distance may be regular reading distance, or some 40-50 centimeters, if for tablets, the same distance, if for smartphones, maybe a little less, 30-40 cm. If for TV, it is trickier, because TV screens have different sizes, but people will usually sit farther from a larger TV, but that does not translate well to this "viewer distance" concept.

    All in all, this comes from designers being usually linguistically challenged (and that's why they choose the profession in the first place: they feel more comfortable communicating with images rether than words).

    And before someone lights up the torches and sharpens the pitchforks, I am a graphic designer by formation. And no, I am not linguistically challenged, but I have suffered inter pares. Now I am a translator and interpreter, but I still do some design work, for kicks, so there :p

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