ça faisait X mois que j'étais au chômage

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I hope this is the right place to be asking this, I apologise if not!

I was just wondering if I have translated this correctly.. the sentence in French is: "ça faisait vingt-huit mois que j’étais au chômage et que je n’avais eu que de petits boulots épisodiques."
My (not very good translation) is: "I was unemployed for twenty eight months and I only had sporadic part-time jobs."

I know this sounds rubbish so any help on this - particularly the first part - would be fabulous.

Thanks all! xxx.
  • Grop

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    Hello, how about I had been unemployed for twenty-eight months...?

    Épisodique doesn't mean part-time. Maybe more short-term.

    Jean-Michel Carrère

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    French from France
    Not so to me. The English and French tenses differ.

    I was unemployed ... / I only had ... : J'ai été au chômage (pendant ...) / Je n'ai eu que des ...

    J'étais au chômage depuis ... / Je n'avais eu que des ... : I had been unemployed for ... / I had only had ...
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