ça ne suit pas derrière

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Hi there,

I was trying to say in English this French saying: " ca ne suis pas" or "ca ne suit pas derrière".

They have a beautiful website but the logistic "ne suit pas".

Meanin you can view the products with a sleek and beautiful design, make the payment, but after that, the delivery or the follow up of the order is not as good.

Is it simply "does not follow"?

Or is there an idiomatic expression to say that something is not up to first expectations?

"Ca ne suit pas" is used frequently when describing whatever process:
-sales (the sales rep was super friendly and promised us to receive the car 1 week after but we ended up to have the keys a month later, in this case the delivery "n'a pas suivie"
- production in a factory (for example one station is slower than the others and the whole assembly is following its pace, this station "ne suit pas")
- lifestyle (someone who wants to be an athlete, working out a lot but is drinking beer very time and eating junk foods, in this case we would say that his diet "ne suit pas")

when the beginning was really promising but then the next steps are not so much we say in french "ca ne suit pas derriere".

Hope it is clear.

Thanks for any suggestions
  • plantin

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    Proposition: "The logistics isn't up to their beautiful website" (ici, le sens est de ne pas "être à la hauteur")

    Enquiring Mind

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    I don't think a single phrase would fit all the different contexts you gave.
    They don't follow through, the follow-up is crap, they talk the talk but they don't walk the walk - depending on the specific context.


    Thank you, thank you.

    I guess New York's English from Enquiring Mind sounds good to my ears (that's maybe because I am one of the numerous french in New York)


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    I think your own suggestion "doesn't meet expectations" is pretty good.
    "Aren't up to it" is another similar idiomatic expression
    "are disappointing" might work too, in some contexts
    "are a bit of a let down"

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