ça va me changer les idées !

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A little boy is feeling a bit sad. When his daddy offers him to go to the beach, he's totally up to it ;

Prêt pour la plage ??
"Carrément !! Au moins, ça va me changer les idées !!"

=> 1/ "Totally !! That should take my mind off things"
=> 2/ "Totally !! That should allow me to have some fun"

I find n°1 not very natural for a boy to say... Any ideas ?
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  • Chris' Spokesperson

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    How little is this boy? Seems quite a precocious thing to say in French too, no?

    Your first suggestion sounds good, or else "That'll give me something else to think about"

    Ali Smith

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    Urdu - Pakistan
    I think "Ça me changera les idées" means something like "That will clear my mind."
    I have heard people say things like "Ça nous changera les idées" and they clearly meant "That will clear our minds." They were talking about going out to dinner or something.
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