ça y est vs. enfin


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Salut, j'ai une question concernant la différence entre ça y est et enfin.

The context about which I'm referring to specifically is saying "finally!......"
or "finally it happened"

I would say in a more stressed and emphatic sense you would say enfin.
ex) Enfin, j'ai trouvé mes clés!

In terms of a general factual statement, I would say ça y est
ex) ça y est il pleut.

A specific example I'm not sure about is if I were saying, it happened/finally, I manage to sleep. That's expressing a general statement, but I could be saying it in a very happy and excited way......I'm not sure about the difference there.
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    ça y est is more used orally, and nearly not used in the written from.

    If you realy want to emphasis the aspect of waiting a long time before it happens I would write: Enfin, (j'ai réussi à dormir)...

    For a more general statement I would put "enfin" in the midle of the sentence:
    J'ai enfin réussi à dormir.
    Or: J'ai fini par m'endormir. But here it is in a less excited way.
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