çalışmak vs. okumak

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    Both çalışmak and okumak can mean "study" (for school), is that right? There is apparently no difference.

    Also it appears to me that both verbs have to have some object, so when there is no specific object in my mind I must insert ders (ders çalışmak/ders okumak). Is that correct?
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    Okumak means to be a student.
    — Çalışıyor musun? (Do you work?)
    — Hayır, okuyorum. (No, I'm a student) Hacettepe Üniversitesi'nde okuyorum.
    It only takes a direct object when you're saying what you're majoring in: Matematik okuyorum. = My major is Math.

    Çalışmak means 'to work'; therefore, since we don't have a different word for 'to study', we use this verb with the object ders, or whatever you study.

    — Ne yapıyorsun? (What are you doing?)
    — Ders çalışıyorum. (I'm studying.) Matematik çalışıyorum. (Today, I'm studying for my math class. My major is not necessarily Math.)

    X okuyorum = I'm a student at the department of X
    X çalışıyorum = I'm studying for an exam on the topic of X

    You cannot say X okuyorum / ders okuyorum / matematik okuyorum if you're studying on your desk. Çalışmak is your verb for that.
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    This is clear. Thanks.

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