è anche possibile procedere

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by alfabeta, May 7, 2009.

  1. alfabeta Senior Member

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    Ciao a tutti,

    Vorrei avere una conferma sulla mia interpretazione della parola "anche" nella seguente frase:

    Quindi, quando le condizioni di AS2 e AS3 si prevede possano durare pochi giorni è anche possibile procedere allo “slittamento” del turno per variare la rotazione.

    la mia prova:
    Therefore, when it is expected that the conditions of AS2 or AS3 could last only a few days, it may be possible to proceed with a “sliding” of the shifts in order to vary the rotation.

    Ho scelto "it may be possible" per "è anche possibile procedere" perche' una frase precedente nel paragrafo specificava il pericolo e l'impossibilita' di procedere allo slittamento suddetto, allora in questa frase mi sembrava una situazione non necessariamente consigliata ma possibile.

    Grazie per l'aiuto!

  2. effeundici Senior Member

    Italian - Tuscany
    I think you're right. We use anche even when it's not technically necessary.In this case it conveys a meaning of opportunity.

    Consider the sentence: Non lo farò, anche perché non mi sembra giusto.

    Anche is not necessary here but it conveys the particular meaning of.....honestly I don't know how to express it!
  3. AlabamaBoy

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    F11 - is it like "I won't do it... not to mention that it doesn't seem right."??:confused:
  4. Paulfromitaly

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    è anche possibile procedere = one of the possible choices is to proceed with..
  5. effeundici Senior Member

    Italian - Tuscany
    Try here http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=394805

    but it seems that finding a good translation is not so easy. Yet it is a widely used set phrase in Italian and that anche definitely conveys a different nuance.
  6. brian

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    AmE (New Orleans)
    This kind of anche is difficult to translate.

    Anche perché is often very similar to especially because, but it's used much more often and more freely.

    In fact, I say anche perché quite a lot, and while I was living in Italy I started saying especially because (during my very sporadic English conversations on the phone) with much more frequency because I was still thinking in Italian.

    Anyway, the anche in question here is similar: the idea is that there are multiple possibilities/reasons/whatever, but the one being mentioned is, for some reason, especially important. It's tempting to translate it as "it's also possible to" in English, but this would be a bit incorrect since implies that at least one other possibility was already mentioned--which I think is not the case.
  7. effeundici Senior Member

    Italian - Tuscany
    I think we are closer to the truth than before but....not completely.

    Consider that anche perché is definitely different from specialmente perché.

    Perhaps anche perché is a very diplomatic version of specialmente perché.

    Yes, I like this explanation!

  8. Einstein

    Einstein Senior Member

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    UK, English
    ... è anche possibile procedere...

    Given that it's not very desirable, we can say:
    It is possibile to proceed, if necessary, with...
    We may proceed, if unavoidable, with...

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