è quello che più si avvicina a ciò che volevo.

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  1. vemecle Member

    Hi, i'm elaborating data from a questionnaire where consumers were asked to tell how much they were satisfied about the appliance product chosen.
    Results are gathered according to the following answers: (I need help in translating them)

    E' esattamente quello che volevo -----------------------------> It is exactly what I wanted/was looking for
    E' quello che più si avvicina a quello che volevo----------------> It is the one that best fitted my idea/expectations.......(I HAVE NO IDEA! HELP!!!)

    Are they ok?
    any mistake?
    I do need help with the second answers, I really don't know how "si avvicina" could be translated (even changing verbs, it is important only the meaning)..

    Thank you! :)
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  2. joanvillafane Senior Member

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    U.S. English
    quello che più si avvicina a quello che volevo - it's the closest to what I was looking for
  3. theartichoke Senior Member

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    Maybe "it's the closest I could find to what I was looking for?" I know that's assuming something not said explicitly in the original, but presumably the questionnaire is trying to gauge whether you're completely satisfied with your appliance or whether you had to settle for something slightly less/different than what you were hoping for. Just a thought.
  4. Phil9 Senior Member

    UK English
    Perhaps also: "It's the closest I could find to my needs" ?
  5. vemecle Member

    Yes it's exactly what you understood :)

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